Established in 2009 as an academic support unit, the Research Services and Knowledge Transfer Office (RSKTO) aims to coordinate and promote academic and scientific related research activities of UM, contributing to the University’s ambition of engaging in productive research with recognized international standards and significant local impact.


The RSKTO serves to assist the University with:

  • To set, review and execute regulations devoted to UM’s research and intellectual property related affairs;
  • To assist in the preparation of UM’s annual research budget, manage internal and external funded research projects and related matters;
  • To protect UM’s intellectual property, handle intellectual property and knowledge transfer affairs, and manage related matters;
  • To coordinate and support UM’s affiliated entities and research platforms;
  • To facilitate local and overseas industry-university-research cooperation, enhance UM’s innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere;
  • To conduct research awards, promote research achievements, encourage the pursuance of effectiveness in research excellence, and expand the impact of UM’s research.

Main Functions of RSKTO