Key Elements of Laboratory Research Practice Safety
  • Personal safety
  • Facility and equipment
  • Hazardous materials
Functions of Laboratory Research Practice Review Form
  • Close collaboration with PIs and researchers
  • Provides control measures at planning stage
  • Recommendations on acquisition of safety equipment, such as FHs and BSCs
  • Low-flow Fumehood
  • Monitor or conduct survey on hazardous equipment
  • Assists permit/licence application for special research facilities
Contents of Laboratory Research Practice Review Form
  • Contains 5 Parts (A – E)
  • Parts A & E must be completed
  • Part A: General Project Information
  • Part B: Animal Research
  • Part C: Hazard Operation Involved
  • Part C1: Chemical Hazard Risk
  • Part C2: Biological Hazard Risk
  • Part C3: Physical Hazard Risk
  • Part D: Human Participant Research
  • Part E: Declaration
Safety Panel Review
  • Reviewed by HSEO and/or specialist
  • Provide comments on health, safety and environmental protection
  • To be completed within three weeks
Information Enquiry