Macau S.A.R. Research Fundings

The Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT)

The purpose of The Science and Technology Development Fund is to provide funding for projects that facilitate improvement in the SAR’s research and innovation capabilities as well as competitiveness. FDCT has launched the following funding schemes:

  • General Scientific Research Funding
  • Joint Funding with MoST/NSFC/GDST/FCT/EC.
  • Macao Funding Scheme for Key R&D Projects
  • Funding Scheme for Innovation and Technology Promotion
  • Funding Scheme for Postdoctoral Researchers of Higher Education Institutions
  • Funding for Laboratories and R&D Centres

The Education Fund aims to tie in with the education system and education development policy of the SAR Government.  FE provides subsidies and incentives for various programmes and activities that help ensure and enhance the quality of education, the comprehensive ability and competitiveness of students.  It also provides grants and benefits to students within the budgetary resources available to the Fund. Subsidy programmes for teaching and research staff of higher education institutions includes:

  • Specialized Subsidy Scheme for Chinese and Portuguese Bilingual Talent Training and Cooperation of Education and Research for Macao Higher Education Institutions 2021
  • Specialized Subsidy Scheme for the Tourism Education and Training for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area 2021
Macao Foundation (FM)

The Macao Foundation aims to promote, develop or research on cultural, social, economic, educational, scientific, academic and philanthropic activities, as well as activities that promote Macao.

Mainland China Funding

Other Funding

Dr. Stanley Ho Medical Development Foundation (SHMDF)

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of UM, Dr. Stanley Ho Medical Development Foundation (SHMDF) has established a theme-based grant titled University of Macau – Dr. Stanley Ho Medical Development Foundation “Set Sail for New Horizons, Create the Future” Grant (UM-SHMDF grant). The donation aims to support young scholars in pursuing their dreams and encouraging them to go beyond limits in scientific research exploration aiming at breakthrough innovation achievement, which serves to contribute to the future development of the country and Macao.